Many would say cutting is a man-made skill… I beg to differ. A true artist is born with a gift, a passion to take a canvas and mould it into something spectacular. Connecting the requirements of our clients to our professional recommendations. Taking all aspects together and creating a style tailor made for you, your lifestyle and your requirements. Having acquired that skill is a precious gift. A gift we at Studio 10 believe in giving back to our clients. Keeping up with all the latest trends we have yearly training held by Schwartzkopf, being the best we can be at what we do…Hair.


Understanding the concept of colour is by far the most rewarding gift to have. It enables us as professional Hairdressers to consult you, our client, in a very personal way. Understanding what self-confidence can do for you is simply trusting the experts to introduce you to the best possible way you can look by having your hair coloured by a true professional. We aim to personalise each and every hair colour to you, our client. To make you look and feel the best that you can. We offer high educational colouring skills with Schwartzkopf professional “Igora Royal”, Igora Vibrance” and Phenomenal “Blonde Me” Ranges. You have not yet looked your best if you have not been with us for a hair color.


Does “Brazilian Blow out” sound familiar to you? What we wouldn’t do for that perfect get out of bed hair? Keeping up with the trends, we are proud to present our clients the products that are not harmful nor toxic in any way. With Schwartzkopf constantly exceeding expectations they are proud to bring “Straight Styling” to the consumer. Being a product that through a chemical process straightens your hair. Mostly recommended on virgin/dark colored hair. For all our gorgeous blonds, we do have an alternative. “Goldwell Kerasilk: is a Keratin treatment that softens and straightens the hair on a shorter time scale. Removing all fizz, leaving your hair supermodel ready. All services provided is accommodated with a complimentary consultation in order to choose the right treatment for your concerns.


A very unique way of creating your special occasion by adding volume/length to your hair. Whether it may be curls, straight, blond or brown, we customise your perfect vision and by using “HairTech” hair extensions.